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Have you heard about Whyteleafe? Okay, those who don't love books won't know what it is. It's the name of the school mentioned in one of Enid Blyton books, which is "The Naughtiest Girl". But because Enid made several books in the same series "Naughtiest Girl", this school name is again mentioned.
OMG you're so sick, school names aren't related to LJ at all! Yep. LJ was extremely crowd (and still), I couldn't sign my nickname "yellowcake" up at that time. I was thinking for the best name for this crappy journal, and I found nothing. This "The Naughtiest Girl Again" book, was on my desk, and I was forced by something to read it. Then VOILA! I got this!


Okay then, forget about Whyteleafe. Yellowcake is my nickname around the worldwideweb. I am not talented at all, and perhaps.. I'm the laziest person in the universe. I always don't pay attention on my homeworks, assignments, and even assessments. All I know is play play and play! (and also eating chocolat, for sure). My English is verrry bad. In school, I always get 50% from total marks on my writings.
For Your Information: I really don't like BOOKS. Seeing them, I'm going to vomit!


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